Shaving Cream Sensory Activity

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This shaving cream sensory activity is great for toddlers and preschoolers. Easy to prepare, lots of fun, but definitely a bit on the messy side!

If you’re a mom who isn’t afraid of mess and wants a good sensory activity for your kids – you’re going to love this. While I don’t mind the mess…. you might want to do this one outside. And if mess gives you anxiety, you might want to stick with our ABC moon sand instead.

But if you’re ready for some messy fun – this activity is for you!

I’ll admit this was a new one for me. I remembered seeing it on pinterest on various occasions and thought “why not give it a try?”. Present me is shaking my fist at past me LOL. The pure joy was well worth it but um… #story time (or you can jump down to the activity)

You see… I was silly enough to set this up inside. Yes, inside. I mean… what on Earth did I think was going to happen? She was going to be this magical clean toddler unicorn? HAHAHAHAH…. it was anything but.

It started out slow as she gathered the courage to really get messy. Thankfully, I moved her to the kitchen before it got to messy. But lord almighty – did it ever get messy once I did! The pictures you see are of her playing with her hands. But she took it to a new freakin’ level after that.

I went to the bathroom at one point and upon my return is a walking dead extra standing in my kitchen. She covered herself in it and went to town. She took handfuls and painted her entire legs – leaving no spot untouched.

Her skin was stained purple so bad it didn’t come out in the bath… which she yelled at me for because she was convinced she was “still dirty”. Go ahead and insert an eye roll right there.

Speaking of the bath… I actually took like 6 towels and lined my hallway with them so she could very carefully make her way to the tub without leaving shaving cream for me to scrub out of the carpet. Then the fun part… cleaning this mess up.

I scooped up piles and piles of shaving cream everywhere – including cupboards she had touched, chairs that decided to join the fun, and the tub eventually as well. And after much scrubbing, my floors were stained. I had much regret at that moment. It was pretty intense.

Oh and let’s not forget when I missed a spot and the baby went after it as soon as he awoke from his nap and nearly had a mouth full of colored shaving cream.

Needless to say… this was not an experience I hope to repeat LOLOLOL. If you’re still reading at this point, high five because that was a doozey. Now onto the shaving cream sensory activity in case you’re actually crazy enough to try this after my story.

supplies needed for this shaving cream sensory activity

  • Shaving cream
  • Food or soap colorant
  • Cookie sheet or sensory bin

directions for this fun shaving cream sensory activity

1. gather your supplies

There isn’t really a lot to this …. but it’s still easier if it’s already in front of you. So go ahead and grab your shaving cream, food coloring, cookie sheet (or sensory bin) before we get started.

2. set up the shaving cream sensory activity

To get started, spray that shaving cream all over the bottom of the surface. This could be incredibly less messy if you choose a sensory bin since there’s sides to protect from too much mess.

Next, add the food color! We chose to use each of our colors and spread them around pretty evenly.

3. play and have fun!

Now it’s time for the fun part – playing in it! Let your child start to squish it in their fingers and really explore the texture.

We even chose to stop and lay down some paper to make a cool looking art piece. But that is completely optional.

From here, just let them have some free-play here and have fun with it!

Are you a messy activity mom? Have you been crazy enough to try this shaving cream sensory activity? Let me know in the comments!

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